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art quotes

made by me, and it’s so damn true !!


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my T-shirt design

this is my T-Shirt Design !!!

i make it cuz everday i wear it kekeke~

i can go to my office with T-Shirt !!

so… i make a T-Shirt Design , check it out…

i love it !!

i made it with a pasion to wear it 😀

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i make jacket design

i reeaaally love jacket !!

since at elementary school i always wear it, even i live in tropical country !!

so….. i made a jacket design, check it out : 

it’s still have a hip hop influence 😀

i made it with a pasion to wear it !!

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hip-hop style

hi guys…………… 🙂

this time i wanna talk about fashion !!

and i really like a hip hop style … and i make a design for a girl who want to dress with hip hop style !!

i make 3 diffrent clothes for a girl, with a touch of hip hop style ! check this out……………

i got inspiration from…..2NE1

but…i think before i dress like that, i should lose my weight first LOL T_T

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