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Last Farewell to you …

Farewell “ai” may your soul peace in heaven !

although yours family didn’t give more attention to your funeral, i think they

still feel sad in they deepest heart.. , try looks strong infront of people and

crying when alone in they room.

i just wanna say : thank you for your kindness to me and my family, thanks

for a lot of advice that you give to me, thanks that you’re so pation to your


i hope you can see the path to heaven i’ll pray for you !

good bye “ai” you’re always life in my heart !!!


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The Wedding Seasons

the wedding

this year 2010 many parts of my family will married !! ( cousins, sibling,etc)

even though i think they all still young… but i hope they all already prepared

for enter they new life ! Happy Wedding everyone ^^

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Go to MoonCake Festival !!

Yesterday me and my family go to mooncake festival near my home. and i was shock look the amount of people in this area very crowded !! for me nothing special for this festival. it countains stage performer (singer, dancer, band, lion dance/barongsay etc), Bazzar, many lampion and ballons, etc. Well, the most crowded foods stand in bazzar is …of course mooncake stand !


also make me remember 1 year ago i receive a delivery package at mooncake day, so me and my mom open this package and guess what ?? a “mooncake” from my cousins it’s looks goods and very delicious, so i’ll go cut it for a slice of mooncake and with all my passions i’ll eat all that slice of my “mooncake present” but, something wrong !! the taste is not goods as usual and i’ll check it out and damn !! actually it’s “mooncake green tea flavor” now i know why my cousins give me that “mooncake” the taste is very bad ! i never eat “green tea mooncake” so, my suggestion don’t eat that !! 

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