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guess it !!

aaawwww…..this is my cute nephew¬† : D

guess it’s a boy or a girl ?? kekeke~


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my new cute stuff

i just buy some cute stuff , that i liked very much..

1. usb connection

2. cell phone straps

i think lately i become a little girlie ho..ho..ho…

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please stand by me….cuz’ i will stand by you !!!! just hold on my hand i will never let you go, so promise me you will always be with me for the rest of my life……

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i want to sleep in this room !! so cool !! on Twitpic

sexy wedding cake kekeke~ on Twitpic

sexy chicks kekeke ~ .....chicken i mean puahahaha..XD on Twitpic

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funny pic !!

with this crazy sign, i should go which way? on Twitpic

is it possible people to fishing and try a dogy style at wate... on Twitpic

wanna try a cup of coffe ??? try this !!!! on Twitpic

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Funny pic!

i just browsing at internet and found some funny pic, so check it out :

it’s a commercial pic and the mean at this pic is you need a GPS !!! rather than ask people kekeke~

this is a commercial pic too and have a tagline “the fastest auto focus” (for capturing some special view like this of course)

my comment is : all man and boys eyes looking at the same spot together (and you know where it is) kekeke~

i realy need a refreshing for sure !! i’m so stress and depress with my job!!

so… this can make me smile for a while :D, so everybody smile please !!!!

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